Elizabeth Bissonnette

I enjoy when my art practice is meticulous and repetitive which is why in my recent projects sewing and embroidery has become such an integral part of the work. The repetitious nature along with feminist theory and critical thought of “women’s work” is something I have been exploring. My newest embroidered series juxtaposes the images of hyper sexualized Internet females in a medium that connotes a different interpretation of woman as a mother and a homemaker as well as etiquette and social codes with images of human sexual expression, highlighting their frequent incompatibility, and exploring the disconnections between how we desire to act, and how we act out of desire. 


The majority of my paintings have revolved around portraiture and explorations of the face along with color and digital imagery. In my painting practice I try to push the comparisons between the digital realm and the painted, a digitally altered photograph and the faces I choose to depict. Color is also an important element in my painting practice as I use it to define different facets of the face. 


In recent painting projects my focus of interest has been in the mannequin head; a tool I use as an annihilation of any human individuality in a facial structure. Using the same segmentation practice as my portraits as well as a similar color palette, these recent mix media works revolve around the uncanny as well as an exploration in the construction of a human head.